• Cynar


    Rating: 89

    The artichoke liqueur k0wn for its versatility and taste Cynar is an artichoke based bitter. Its distinctive flavour is enriched from an infusion of 13 herbs and plants, making it a completely natural drink, rich in scents and a unique taste . It perfectly conserves all the health properties of the ingredients used in its preparation. Onlymoderately alcoholic (16.5%) Cynar is a modern and versatile drink that is always welcome.
  • Aperol


    Rating: 86

    The name says it all: Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Bright orange in colour, it has a unique taste, thanks to the secret recipe, which has never been changed, with infusions of selected ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs (including rhubarb) and roots in perfect proportions.
  • Punt e Mes


    Rating: 84

    Punt e Mes is dark brown in color and has a strong, bitter flavor half-way between regular rosso vermouth and Campari.
  • Ricard Aperitif


    Rating: 90

    To reveal the delicacy of the anise, the fresh taste of the liquorice and the subtle Provence herbs, we suggest you add five parts of water to one part of Ricard, plus a few ice cubes.
  • Rosso Antico


    Rating: 84

    A mix of aromatic herbs and high quality wines. Serve chilled, with the added touch of a slice of orange or lemon, or a sparkle of seltz.
  • Campari


    Rating: 86

    A classic Italian liqueuer with a bittersweet flavour.
  • Pernod


    Rating: 88

    A distillation of star anis with aromatic plants and herbs.
  • Pimms No.1 Cup


    Rating: 87

    A Blend of London Dry Gin with fruit extracts, Pimm's 0 1 cup is still based on the original recipe which remains a closely guarded secret k0wn only to six people.
  • Janneau Armagnac XO


    Rating: 94

    Appearance Clear orange-coppery amber with burnished copper highlights Aroma Leathery vanilla impregnated stewed plums, cherry, kirsch, blackberries and vanilla with dried chili and cinnamon spice and cloves. 0tes of cider apple fruit with floral violet, nutmeg, hazelnut, amaretto biscuit and freshly sawn oak. Taste Quite intense. Very well balanced palate, nice wood in the middle with sweet, mouth filling flavors that linger on to drying oak tannins, tobacco, quince, orange marmalade, almond, faint coffee and kirsch. Aftertaste Long dry finish. Caramel, light cinnamon and peppery spiced oak with tobacco.
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