• Auchentoshan Three Wood


    Rating: 94

    Matured in American Bourbon oak and finished in Spanish Olorosso and Pedro Ximenez casks. A Lowland Single Malt Whisky rich with dark fruits, thick butterscotch, roasted hazelnuts and the signature smooth delicate Auchentoshan taste.
  • The Macallan Amber


    Rating: 93

    The Macallan 1824 Series focuses on single malts that are of exemplary colour and flavour with a range of casks and liquid ages (0 age statement) used to deliver the desired colour and exceptional Macallan character. 'Amber' is exclusively matured in sherry oaks casks from Jerez, delivering full bodied aromas and flavours of fruits: fresh green apples and lemons intertwined with cinnamon and ginger with a subtle oak lingering on the outskirts.
  • Rating: 90

    The Spey Cascade single malt Scotch whisky from the Singleton of Dufftown is made with a balanced mix of whiskies aged in both bourbon and Sherry casks. The result is warming with baked orchard fruits, demerara sugar and golden barley. Great for early evening dramming, this one - laid back with good flavour behind it. The folks at the Singleton of Dufftown also say Spey Cascade pairs well with chocolate truffles, too. If you're feeling decadent, go for it.
  • Talisker Skye Single Malt


    Rating: 90

    An easy-drinking Talisker, taking the distillery's classically rugged character and softening it out, while maintaining the smoky and sweet 0tes the distillery is k0wn for. More approachable, but still definitely Talisker.
  • Rating: 93

    Powerful peat-smoke with just a hint of sea-water saltiness, fresh oysters, and a citrus sweetness.A rich dried-fruit sweetness with clouds of smoke and strong barley-malt flavours, warming and intense. Peppery at the back of the mouth.Huge, long, warming and peppery in the finish with an appetising sweetness.
  • Rating: 95

    Dalwhinnie 15yo is a good introduction to the delights of single malt whisky – elegant, smooth and medium-bodied, with a light, fruity palate and a whiff of heather on the finish.
  • Rating: 93

    Chivas 18 is meticulously blended by Master Blender Colin Scott. It’s a uniquely rich and multi-layered whisky which is produced using various malt and grain whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland, including our classic Speyside malt from Strathisla. Much more than a drink, Chivas 18 is a luxuriously complex experience waiting to be discovered.Rich, indulgent, multi-layered aromas with hints of dried fruits, buttery toffee and dark chocolate.A velvety, dark chocolate palate yields to elegant floral 0tes and a wisp of sweet, mellow smokiness.
  • Johnnie Walker Blue Label


    Rating: 95

  • Rating: 94

    Boasted as one of the finest blended Scotch Whiskeys in the world, Chivas Regal Royal Salute presents to you a fruity, smoky and floral fragrance with nutty, buttery and sweet flavors.
  • Rating: 91

    Dimple 15yo is a Blended Scotch Whisky malt which have been aged for at least 15 years. The main single malt of its composition is Glenckinchie, which offers a mild flavor and aroma. Dimple has a single bottle, distinctive and unique, with three sides created in 1893, which became a unique feature of this product.
  • Rating: 89

    This blend consists of up to 40 different single malt and grain whiskies. Light in colour and body, elegant with aromas and flavours of new oak dominating over a sweet, heathery background. Clean, faintly spicy, slightly drying finish.
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